One Of The Best Wheel Builders in Singapore

While technology has advanced to the point where many operations and services have become mechanized – AttitudeBikes stay true to the art of handwork when it comes to wheel building in Singapore; no machinery, just pure craftsmanship by hand. 

Being at the forefront of wheel building, our mechanics take every precise turn with heart – from the artistry, efforts to their skills. While it can be a long process, as one of the best wheel builders in Singapore – it remains our pride and joy to handcraft wheels just for our riders. And as they say – some things are worth the wait. By handbuilding your mountain or road bike wheels, we create a match made in heaven – the perfect pair of wheels that are made entirely for the bike and rider! 

So, if you’re ready to sign yourself up for a smoother ride – let AttitudeBikes be your go-to wheel builder in Singapore today!

Our Wheel Building Services in Singapore

Wheels made from scratch just feel different. A pair of personalized, handbuilt wheels can change how an entire bike feels – be it mountain or road bike – and ensuring they’re built right is the way to go for complete personalization.

As road and mountain bike wheel builders with over 20 years of wheel building experience and knowledge, we are more than glad to explain the art behind handcrafted wheels, potential build choices that are specially personalized with your riding style in mind.

What A Good Pair Of Bike Wheels Should Bring You

Besides being an additional safety net for quality – enjoy a pair of wheels tailored to your exact specifications – be it for your mountain or road bike. Wheelbuilding services are our pride and joy – we want to bring out the best in our riders’ performance and one key aspect is an excellent pair of wheels!

To do that, we’ll be asking a bunch of questions about your road or mountain bike – from the model of your bicycle, your riding style, the frequency of your rides to your budget and what you’re hoping to achieve from a new bicycle wheelset ultimately. With these answers, our wheel builders in Singapore will know how to get the ball rolling.

So, ready to find out what’s in store when you decide to personalize your wheels?

  • Stylized to your bicycle’s overall color or design scheme
  • Ultimate functionality for long-lasting wheels and sturdy riding
  • Excellent aerodynamics for lightning-fast sprints on flat ground
  • Professionally adjusted to your bike’s dimensions and system weight
  • Personalized especially for your riding style - gravel, road, or mountain
  • Feel as light as a feather and speed your way through mountains or hills
And here’s what we’ll work on:
General wheels are built for everyone, but wheels we build are made especially for an individual rider. Depending on the riding conditions, the rider’s weight, cycling experience, and skill – our mechanic will determine the type of rims to have.

From there, we’ll also assess the different aspects: height, width, size, and material of the wheel – so that we’ll know which is the right combination for the wheels that will benefit the rider best.
All selected for your weight, riding style and the wheels’ strength – a tension check is needed to keep the sturdiness in check for difficult terrains when riding. Spokes affect the feel and weight strength of the wheels, transmits power, and maintains the roundness of the wheels. Ultimately, what makes a spoke length is the rim and hub combination – if they don’t match, it just won’t work out.

Generally, you’ll find three common types: butted, straight gauge, and bladed spokes. Butted spokes offer reduced weight, while straight gauge has mechanical properties that make a stronger wheel. Whereas blade spokes, with a flat cross-section for instance, provide improved aerodynamics and efficiency.
What’s key for hubs is to ensure it’s smooth and serviceable. The hub choice is dictated by the bicycle’s purpose and by the type of wheels needed by the bike. There’s a large variety of hubs for disc brakes – coaster brake hubs, freewheel hubs, internally geared hubs, dynamo hubs, cassette hubs and a lot of other types.

Internal gear hub has a gear changing mechanism that stays properly guarded from the elements, packed within the hub body. Hence, why internal gear hubs are the perfect choice for very cold or wet conditions. As for cassette hubs – they’re extremely effective on the road, ensuring riders’ safety due to the modifications on the sprockets and the gears.
When it comes to nipples, we’re talking about their overall wheel tension – and achieving the right tension in order for the wheel to spin ‘true’ is one of the vital skills of wheel building and adjustment.

While the two typical types are made of brass and alloy – the former is usually recommended as it’s strong and long-lasting. Especially when it comes to Singapore’s weather and climate – alloy will corrode faster and stretch due to high tension over time, making brass nipples your best choice.
At AttitudeBikes – we custom build wheels to strike the perfect balance between the hardness and softness of a wheel to find the sweet spot between comfort and efficiency. Your dream wheelset is only one build away, make it a dream come true today by engaging AttitudeBikes’ wheel building services!