Divine SL

Over the years, DIVINE SL has proven herself as a perfect addition to top-level race bikes. World Championship titles, Cape Epic victories, Olymipic medals. The DIVINE SL has been equipped to many bikes of the best XC and marathon racers of this world. Tailored to the needs of XC and marathon racers, the DIVINE SL is the youngest offspring of our dropper family and is now also available in 100mm and 125mm travel next to the popular 80mm version. Based on the award-winning and patented REVIVE technology, we´ve modified the internals to adapt to the shorter travel. 1 set DIVINE SL dropper post includes:
  • 1x DIVINE SL Seatpost
  • 1x cable housing 1600mm
  • 1x Inner wire 1800mm
  • 2x housing Endcap
  • 1x remote (optional)
  • 1x BikeYoke I-spec adapter or Splits-clamp (optional)

Divine Dropper Post

In terms of smoothness DIVINE can obviously not quite match the class leading REVIVE due to the different hydraulic system. But DIVINE still gives you outstanding build quality for a cheaper price-point and further allows travel reduction so you can get the most of the available travel without the need to opt for a shorter version, if the standard drop is slighlty too long for you. The new auto-reset function will bleed your post with every full drop, so you won't have to worry about a squishy post anymore. Features:
  • Auto-Reset-Function: Every full drop automatically bleeds the hydraulic circut for suspension-free lock-out.
  • Reducable maximum travel: If you need a slightly shorter post or just prefer a little less travel, the maximum extension can be reduced in 5mm increments using the included clip-on extension/travel spacer
  • Rotateable bottom part: In order to get maximum insertion into the frame, the foot of your DIVINE can be rotated by hand to avoid iterference with one-sided bearing points or dents inside the seattube area.
  • Fully user-servicable - all spare parts are available for end-consumers, if needed.
  • Travel - 160mm
  • No Remote