Our goal at AttitudeBikes is always to cater to our customers and their intended usage of their mountain bikes and that philosophy is also applied to our suspension and wheel building services. As riders ourselves, we want you to get back on your bikes as fast as possible and to experience the improved performance without any compromises.
We are the exclusive Wayne Suspension Service Center in Singapore. This allows us to provide upgrades and service parts that can enhance the original suspension and we are able to work with most suspensions brands in the market.
All suspension service and tuning are done in our dedicated suspension clean room to ensure that your suspensions are serviced in the best environment possible.
A pair of custom handbuilt wheels can change how an entire bike feels, and getting them built right is critical to that objective.
With more than 20 years of wheel building knowledge and experience, we’ll be happy to explain the beauty of custom built wheels, potential build options that are tailored for you and optimised for your style of riding.
The bicycle is an extension of who we are, so why not express yourself through our Conceptualized Bikes program
The Conceptualized Bikes program is more than putting a bike together, but is an important process for us because it gives us an opportunity to forge an understanding, requirements and expectations of the eventual build that balances your needs and wants.
Working with you to achieve that bike you always wanted.
This program is open to any bike of your choice so let’s get talking!