Mountain Bike Suspension Service in Singapore

Mountain biking is all about exploring and pushing your limits on challenging terrains. But it’s not just all fun and games – we all know how much rough and bumpy trails can take a toll on your bike and body. That’s where mountain bike suspension service in Singapore comes in – it helps to absorb shocks, improve traction, and enhance overall ride quality. Without suspension, your bike would feel like riding on a hardtail and your body would bear the brunt of every bump and jolt.

MTB Suspension Service In Singapore

When it comes to having a smooth ride on rocky mountains and trails, mountain bike suspension takes great importance. Regular MTB suspension maintenance in Singapore is key to your safety and bike’s performance, and also prevents damage to the most costly parts in forks and shocks. So, when it all comes down to it – keep these three main parts in check: the fork and shock, and dropper post. Neglecting suspension maintenance can lead to reduced performance, premature wear, and even safety issues. 

Our mission at AttitudeBikes is always clear – catering to our customers and their planned usage of their mountain bikes, and that belief also applies to our mountain bike suspension and wheel building servicing. Being riders ourselves, what we want the most for our customers is to get back on your bikes as quickly as possible to experience the elevated performance with no compromises.

Known as the exclusive Wayne Suspension Service Centre in Singapore – we can provide service parts and upgrades that can enhance the original suspension. And better yet, with the expertise we hold – we can work with most suspension brands in the market.

All mountain bike suspension service and tuning are carried out in our dedicated suspension clean room to make sure that the suspensions are serviced in the most optimal environment possible.

Suspension Service: Forks, Shocks & Dropper Posts

Noticed your mountain bike suspension fork starting to feel draggy or sticky? Or does your fork not have the bump sensitivity that you’re used to anymore?

A faulty fork can cause you to slow down while riding, and not let you bring your A game. Mountain bike fork service may just be the very answer to your woes – our mechanics will give it a good clean, servicing, and re-assemble it to perfectly fit your MTB for the ultimate performance.

Is your mountain bike shock leaking? Or do you keep hearing frequent squelchy noises on the compression?

These are definite signs that are hinting you to send in your shock for a thorough check. Post-inspection, mountain bike shock service may be necessary to ensure your rear wheel is tracking like it was made to. So, let our experienced mechanics take a look and we’ll fine tune it for your next riding adventure!

Is the dropper post sticking while you’re trying to engage it? Or are there some issues with the movement in the lever?

We know how crucial a dropper post is for your MTB – from adjusting for the perfect seat height to optimize cadence and power, lowering the dropper for more clearance when riding rocky downhill terrain. Besides being experts in MTB fork and shock service – we’re just as equipped in prolonging your dropper post’s lifespan for a smooth-sailing ride.

A mountain bike suspension is vital for complete control over your ride, the longevity of your bike. Be it mountain bike fork service or shock maintenance in Singapore – upkeep your suspension regularly to give your bike the love and care it deserves for a fun and enjoyable riding experience!