Custom Bikes in Singapore

Have you been on the web or scrolling through Instagram, green with envy over the beautifully customized mountain bikes – accessorized with multi-coloured, flamboyant and bold-looking paintwork and a sleek-looking frame? Or is it the undeniably gorgeous weldings of a Nicolai bike that you can’t take your eyes off?

Regardless of which has caught your attention – simply speak to us, and we’ll put your custom bike together the way you want it. Messing things up since 1998 – we’ve been getting our hands dirty for our riders’ bicycles – but the one thing we definitely won’t mess with is getting your Conceptualized Bike Build wrong. Our riders’ satisfaction is absolute – and we hand-build our custom bikes in Singapore with the finest craftsmanship from top to bottom. 

At AttitudeBikes, we take unique to another level, providing customisation that’s one of its kind. While a typical bike model may only come in one or two colors – that’s not true with us. Make your personalized bike even more special with custom anodizing works, unlimited customized paint choices including rainbow glitter or metallic flakes. With us, any color combos are a sure thing! It takes more effort and time – but we’re always looking for newer ways to improve and bring customisation to newer heights.

Conceptualized Bike Builds

The bicycle is undoubtedly an extension of who we are, so why not build a bike that’s a splitting image of your personality?

More than just putting a bike together – the Conceptualized Bikes program is an important process for us as we respect our customers’ choices and requirements, fully ensuring that the end product of the customized bike build balances your wants and needs.

What's In It For You When You Get A Custom Bike

From road to mountain bikes in Singapore – we can make your custom bike a dream come true. Especially when it comes to a bike with the perfect fit or proportions – a ready-made bike may not let you showcase your skills, style and personality best. 

A custom bike maker will take your measurements and tweak the size, geometries and proportions to build a bike tailor-made exactly for you. And if you’ve been brewing the perfect bike in mind for the longest time – it’s about time to go custom. Develop this mindset – a bike is for life; go custom and you’ll have much more appreciation and foster a deeper bond with it.

But we both know this – it’s no small investment; commitment-wise and monetarily speaking. Still, no pain (not literally), no gain – you always reap what you sow; put in the effort, and a heap of rewards are on its way to you! With our Conceptualized Builds program – we stand by three key values, and we demonstrate them with your custom bicycle.

We handcraft, hand-paint, and handpick the best parts for your road or mountain bike – step-by-step, and we take no shortcuts! Good things always take time, and remarkable things take experience and skills. It’s personal business – not only for you – but for our dedicated mechanics here to handbuild a bike, especially for you.
From your bike performance, and the enjoyment of your ride to the very design of the bike – we know what goes into your bike, and we know what it takes to make it move – with utmost quality poured into the hand-building process. Each Conceptualized Build is built and designed fastidiously with attention to detail and will not be delivered until it’s the exact build and design you have in mind.
With an aptitude for hand-building customized bicycles – each bike is built to order and hand assembled with passion. Tell us your dream bike, and we’ll do it for you. When it comes to building custom bikes in Singapore with us – the sky’s the limit with infinite choices of styles and colors.

But while we’re here to put together your desired custom bicycle – you equally have a say in the end product – from the spray paint to the parts. Get funky with a two-color ombre fade frame and cherry-pick components exactly to your preference – let your bike ‘scream’ you and flex it on the road or trails.

Astounded by all the works of wonders, and want to get one of your own?

Our Conceptualized Builds program is open to any bicycle of your pick, so let’s get talking!