Conceptualized Builds

A collection of some of our builds over the years for your visual pleasure.

The Conceptualized Bikes program is more than putting a bike together, but is an important process for us because it gives us an opportunity to forge an understanding, requirements and expectations of the eventual build that balances your needs and wants.

Working with you to achieve that bike you always wanted.

If you're interested in a Conceptualised Build, hit us up and contact us now.

Sathya's Specialized Epic

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Sathya's Specialized Epic

Santa Cruz High Tower

Nicolai Saturn 11 Bronze Anodize

Nicolai Nucleon AM G-Boxx

Nicolai Helius

Nicolai Helius AC Pinion Purple Galaxy

Nicolai GPI Orange Dizzy Camo

Nicolai G16 Fire Department Red

Nicolai G1

Nicolai Argon AM Pinion

Nicolai Argon CX Blue Dizzy Camo

Coast Cycle Atom FS x Paint Extreme

KTM Scarp Elite Custom Paintwork

Inspired Arcade Candy Blue

Grossman Mothership

Evil The Following Custom Paintwork

Coast Cycle DJ Stealth

Seth's Unicycle

Walton's Nicolai Saturn 11

Nicolai Argon GX

Nicolai Saturn 14 ST Pinion

Nicolai Nucleon E2

Nicolai ION 16

Nicolai Argon TB Pinion

Nicolai Nucleon AM

Nicolai BMXTB Race, IceFlare

Nicolai ION14, WildFire

Nicolai ION16

Nicolai Helius TB

Nicolai Helius AC Pinion 27.5+


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