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Road and mountain bike servicing are what we do best, and our specialty lies in wheel building, suspension, and putting together conceptualized bikes made especially for you.

What AttitudeBikes Can Do For You

Hey there, fellow rider! If bike servicing in Singapore is what you’re looking for – come on down to AttitudeBikes.

As a mountain and road bike shop in Singapore – we know exactly how both work, but we’re not just limited to these, and we’re able to service all kinds of bikes.

Simply drop off your ride and chat with us about what services you need. We work on your rides on an appointment basis to give you our fullest attention, and we’ll give your bike a full assessment and provide a quotation – from parts that need to be fixed, what’s in good condition, and the cost to when it’s time to pick up your bike and go for a sweet ride!


Rebuild, enhancements and upgrades.


Handcrafted to each individuals requirements.


Working with you for that bike you always wanted.

One-Stop Bike Shop for Bike Servicing Needs

A bike inspection gives you a clearer understanding of your bike’s condition. But bike mechanics may go the extra mile to recommend replacing or upgrading certain parts to bring out the best in your bike. Rest assured – we don’t engage in any sort of pushy, hard-selling tactics. Mechanics are only here to offer advice – the decision is all yours ultimately. 

Still, our road and mountain bike shop mechanics have your best interests at heart – if recommendations are for safety reasons or to maximize your mountain or road bike’s performance for an upcoming race – our advice is to give it a go!

The issue can be as minor as signs of rust appearing on your chain or cuts on your cable and adjoining rubber housing. But problems that seem subtle may snowball into a much bigger headache – leading to bike breakdowns and a hefty sum to pay. So, if you can’t really put your finger on what is making the funny noise or causing your bike to slow down – bicycle servicing might just be the answer. 

Leave it to AttitudeBikes’ experienced mechanics, who know a bike inside out – we’ll get to the bottom of the problem and work it out in no time!

We know what makes a bike move, and that’s when we’ll zero in on your drivetrain first – the key components for a smooth ride: the cassette, chain, crank, derailleurs, and the list goes on. Wear and tear tend to be prone in these areas, and we’ll dive straight into that.

Our can-do attitude is not limited to bicycle servicingwe’ll also make sure to optimize the bike for maximum performance and its intended use – be it as a mountain or road bike.

We’re here to work out any issues to ensure every part functions seamlessly.

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